Huish Outdoors has brought together the best brands in dive which, combined, have over 150 years of history and product innovation. Our portfolio of brands are iconic, complimentary, and collectively represent a full line with each brand being authentic to its category. Under one company, they allow us to do something no other company can – satisfy consumer demand for best in category products, without compromise.

We are where adventure lives

The ocean is a lifelong calling for us; it calls us to adventure, it seduces us, and it reminds us just how fragile we can be. This is not an environment where anything less than the best equipment is acceptable. Constantly testing and using what we produce is a critical component to who we are.

Salt Lake City, Utah - Head Office

Home to our corporate head office and global distribution center, this 45,000 sq/ft location fits in well in a city known as the gateway to a plethora of outdoor activities… including diving. Don’t be fooled by its mountain location - from the 95F water at Homestead Crater, and Sea Base’s tropical fish, to the depths of Flaming Gorge and spear fishing in Fish Lake, Utah provides plenty of scuba diving opportunities for divers of all skill levels.

Costa Mesa, California

Costa Mesa, in Orange County, CA,  is within minutes of the most famous diving destinations in the state of California. We’ve based our engineering and R&D for the Atomic and Zeagle brands in this 10,000 square foot facility. We build and test all Atomic and Zeagle Regulators before packaging and sending to SLC for distribution. Along with our regulator production, we also build and test our Atomic Cobalt series computers. As well, we house a portion of Quality Control, Operations, and Customer Care inside this facility.

Oceanside, California

Our Atomica Research and Development facility is located in Oceanside California. 5,653 square feet is dedicated to our own CNC precision machining and is best known for manufacturing all of the Titanium, stainless steel, and Monel regulator component parts for Atomic Aquatics regulators. As the name of the town suggests, the ocean is very close for our staff to tap into incredible beach dives such as Cardiff State Beach, and some ‘locals secret’ lobster spots off Encinitas and Carlsbad – all easily accessible from this facility.

Vancouver, BC

Scuba Diving Magazine readers chose British Columbia the No.1 diving site in North America. These conditions aren’t for the faint of heart, so they are the perfect testing grounds for our products. Our Canadian facility is just 20 minutes from desk to dive making it easy for our people to test and enjoy our gear year round. This facility has 16,400 sqft, 30 employees, all brands distribution for Canada, our in-house BARE product design and development team, repairs, BARE prototypes, and Nex Gen/Ultra Dry production.


Iconic fresh water, Alp lake dives are close to our German facility. Wrecks, cave, ice and recreation diving abound within easy reach for testing and fun. This 800m² facility is the hub for Atomic, BARE, Stahlsac, Sharkskin and Zeagle European and Middle East distribution.


On a map of the Mediterranean Sea, if you let your eye fall to the center – just south of Italy’s heel and to the west of the Mediterranean’s heart – you’ll find the enchanting Maltese Islands. The island of Malta is home for our BARE production and distribution facility, with BARE Sales, Supply Chain, Finance, Manufacturing & Engineering working out of this 2500 sq/m facility.


Dive sites in Vietnam are accessible all year round, although the main diving season is March through to October. As Vietnam is a relatively new destination for divers expect to be amazed by its untouched waters. The Huish Outdoors facility currently manufactures Zeagle and Stahlsac sewn products in its 34,400 sq/ft space.  It is located in an Export Only Zone and just minutes from the Ho Chi Minh shipping port.


Who we are is who you are. Our adventurous spirit drives our day to day. It is what makes our brands connected to you and how we fuel the human spirit for adventure. It is how we deliver the best products again and again.