We’re not just in your element, we were born there— in a small shop on the coast of British Columbia, the brainchild of 2 divers hellbent on crafting a drysuit capable of taming the frigid waters of the Canadian Pacific Ocean. With every stitch, our founders innovated. Through every failure, they pushed. Not for profit. For performance. To bring the sport of diving equipment that fit better, functioned better, and lasted longer.


Our in-house design team has been perfecting our fit for over 40 years. We approach everything from the explorer’s perspective, taking into account specific environmental conditions and body movements in all possible situations. Getting the right fit for your suit is absolutely vital to the safety, comfort, and overall success of your dive. That’s why we work tirelessly to develop suits that fit every diver. Our in-house design team has been perfecting our fit for over 40 years through advancements in the latest technologies, our own personal diving experiences, and our ambassadors; then combining this knowledge into suit construction.

Every exposure suit we sell is constructed from our own proprietary patterns and with the number of stock sizes offered, there are size options to get the perfect fit. Made-to-measure drysuits are also available, for those that want a custom fitting drysuit.


Like our founders, craftsmanship remains one of our core pillars. BARE was founded on the sole principle of uncompromising craftsmanship, so it’s no surprise that it remains one of our core pillars of quality. Our longstanding history of durability has earned us a reputation for reliable workmanship. Our drysuits are handmade by the same craftspeople that have been making BARE drysuits for over 40 years. Every technique and detail is inspired by our passion to manufacture the best products.


We never take a day off in our pursuit of combining technology, construction techniques and our knowledge of suit materials to provide a better solution. We are passionate about innovation. As science and technology advance, so too do the boundaries of possibility in the diving world. Over the years, we have developed industry-changing innovations such as Celliant® Infrared Technology that helps conserve lost body heat and accelerates thermal recovery; and Seam Welded Technology (SWT) that seals sewn seams to the point that they’re stronger than the surrounding fabric, as well as No Stitch Technology (NST) that seals seams air and watertight without a single stitch. We also patented the Automatic Torso Recoil (ATR) controlling torso length for easier donning and doffing of drysuits.


We’re not just passionate about our products, we're passionate about our customers. Each one providing a unique challenge in our quest to making the most innovative, technically advanced, performance gear out there so they can tame even the harshest elements. It is living up to this challenge that has made us a preferred brand of tech, professional, military, navy, commercial, survival and public safety divers all around the world.


Wet or dry, head to toe, if you are looking for exposure protection, BARE has your system. We labor over every product to give you the right options to adapt each BARE suit for various diving environments. The results are compatible accessories and perfect layering options for every dive. BARE has everything you need, in one brand.