Q: How do I obtain product or service inventory for Oceanic and Hollis? 

A: Product will become available through the published dates noted; May 1, 2018 for product inventory and March 1, 2018 for service inventory, or by the following buying program through our U.S. warehouse:

Terms and Conditions: All prices are based on U.S Export Pricing program denoted in USD. All payments must be made in USD.

Payment Terms: Your standard payment terms apply

Minimum: $5000.00 USD

Freight: FOB the Huish Outdoors U.S. Warehouse

For further details on this program, please contact Justin Hanning.

Q: I need service parts for Oceanic and Hollis regulators. How do I get these? 

A: Regulator service inventory will become available to dealers through our German distribution warehouse on March 1, 2018 or through the above mentioned buying program through our U.S. warehouse.

For regulator service items, please see the information in the Huish Outdoors Databank related to consolidation and changes in service kits, as there have been quality improvements to the regulator lines recently affecting these items. All prior service items and procedures should no longer be used. These new service items and procedures are the only valid ones in use.  

Service kit information (Oceanic): https://goo.gl/Jzhoxe

Service kit information (Hollis): https://goo.gl/ae3c62

For other service items, please contact: ServiceEU@huishoutdoors.com 

Q: Where can I find instructions and manuals to service Oceanic and Hollis products? 

A: All service bulletins and manuals can be found in the Huish Outdoors Databank. To log in, or gain access to the Databank, please go to “Dealer Resources” at www.huishoutdoors.com

Q: If my dealership is not authorized to repair Oceanic and Hollis products, what can I do?

A: If you have not been certified in the last 2 years, we encourage you to participate in the upcoming regulator repair and product knowledge sessions which will provide you certification. These sessions will take place beginning April, 2018. In the interim, we have engaged JR Services to help support our dealers during this transition.  They can be contacted at:

JR Services 

Unit 5 Warren Farm 




EX15 2BR 

United Kingdom 

Phone: 01884 266400 

Mobile: 07816 898083 

Email: jrservices@tiscali.co.uk 

Q: If I’ve been through a regulator repair course in the last 2 years, can I service Oceanic and Hollis regulators. 

A: Absolutely. Service inventory will be available to you through our German warehouse beginning March 1, 2018 or through the buying program mentioned above.  Inventory to satisfy urgent requirements may be available through Justin Hanning.

Q: What products will be offered in 2018? 

A: Please follow the link below for the Buyer’s Guide for products to be offered in 2018. 

Oceanic: https://www.huishoutdoors.com/databank/oceanic/buyers-guide/

Hollis: https://www.huishoutdoors.com/databank/hollis/buyers-guide/

Q: Where can I find pricing on Oceanic and Hollis products?

A: Further details on pricing for Oceanic and Hollis will be provided shortly from Justin Hanning.

Q: How can I refresh my team’s skills and knowledge on the Oceanic and Hollis lines? 

A: As part of our commitment to dealers, we will be planning a series of product knowledge and regulator repair seminars throughout the UK and Ireland beginning April 2018. Regional schedules will be released in early 2018.

Q: Am I still able to purchase Oceanic and Hollis product from other suppliers? 

A: Huish Outdoors is the only source for the Oceanic and Hollis brands which implements the quality control, testing and product validation processes we have defined. Any other entity selling branded product is not a valid supplier, and may not be adhering to the above standards (including CE) or obtaining product through vetted supply lines. 

Q: Did Huish Outdoors acquire AUP (American Underwater Products)? 

A: Huish Outdoors purchased a wide portfolio of products under the Oceanic and Hollis brands, including the names and intellectual property to most products. Some assets still reside with AUP and its subsidiaries including: Aries branded products, Ocean Pro and Explorer Rebreathers.  Please contact AUP for further information on these brands and products. 

Q: How are you going to handle warranty claims for Oceanic/Hollis products?

A: Under Huish Outdoors’ ownership, we will continue to service the portfolio of products acquired by Huish Outdoors and evaluate all warranty claims against such products. If deemed warrantable, we will honor the claim, however, in some circumstances there may be a cost associated with the warranty claim.